Refillable Oil Candle Set


Minimalist Collection Refillable Glass Oil Candle set.

A refillable glass oil candle set containing four 30ml/1 fl oz square oil candles. Burn time is approximately 5.5 hours each, depending on the height of the wick. Replace your tealight candles with a sustainable option.

  • Fiberglass wick
  • Polished Solid Brass wick holder
  • O-Ring seal
  • Heavy base glass bottle
  • Designed and assembled in Australia

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Each Refillable Oil Candle Set contains four 30ml/1 fl oz square glass oil candles.

Our Refillable Oil Candle Sets are a quality, sustainable option with burn times of up to 5.5 hours. The height of the wick and the fuel used determine actual burn time. There is no messy hot wax or problems with broken wicks after use. Refillable oil candles are always ready to use. They can use various fuel sources and you know what you are burning. Dye is added to clear lamp oils to show off your creativity and help to set the mood. Oil based food colouring will mix readily with lamp oil and create that extra wow factor for your guests.

Citronella oil is the perfect match for glass oil candles and provide a mosquito free out door area. These candles sit so elegantly on the table, while enjoying good food and conversation with friends and family creating a barrier against mosquitoes, where you need it.

The refillable glass oil candles are also used by Artists and sculptors to replace alcohol lamps that are used with hot sculpting tools (wax and chocolate sculpting for example).
The Refillable Oil Candle Gift Set is used for;

  • Aroma therapy
  • Candle light dinners
  • Relaxation
  • Mosquito repellent with citronella oil. Ideal for BBQ’s

Each candle consists of:

  • Long life fiberglass wick
  • Polished Solid Brass wick holder
  • O-Ring seal
  • Heavy base glass bottle
  • 30ml/1 fl oz capacity
  • Designed and assembled in Australia

The height of the wick is adjustable and used to produce the desired flame height. However, larger flames will reduce the candles burn time because a larger flame requires more fuel. Large flames will produce smoke, so to avoid this reduce the wick height slightly and you will have the perfect flame with no smoke.

We use Waxworks classic lamp oil to test our burn times. Waxworks lamp oils are readily available throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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