Tips For Refillable Glass Oil Candles

High Quality | Designer Glass Oil Candles

Our designer refillable glass oil candles are created to be pleasing and relaxing additions to your home. Allowing you to immerse yourself in the perfect ambience to unwind and relax with your friends & family.

We try to use heavy base designs to maximise stability. This reduces the risk of the candles being accidentally knocked over.

We use highly polished brass for our wick holders with a high temperature o-ring seal to keep them firmly in place.

We have chosen to use long life fiberglass wicks. This avoids you having to constantly replace wicks at additional cost. Cotton is also a very water intensive crop making fiberglass a more sustainable option.

Oil Candle Dyes

Colour your lamp oil to suit your d├ęcor & mood, creating the perfect ambience. We recommend that you only use food grade, oil based dyes when colouring your lamp oils. Water based dyes will not mix with the lamp oils or vegetable oils.


Oil Candle Fuel

We recommend using high quality lamp oils as they burn cleaner.

With our oil candles you are in control of what you are burning. Thin vegetable oils like rice bran oil are a natural alternative. However due to being heaver than lamp oil they do not wick as well and may not burn the full volume of your candle, thereby potentially reducing your burn time.

Our burn times were all tested using Waxworks Classic Unscented Lamp & Torch Oil.

Available at Bunnings, BCF, Home Hardware and Woolworths.

Our refillable glass oil candles are used

  • As alternatives to tea light candles
  • In Restaurants for intimate mood lighting
  • In homes to create a relaxing ambience
  • To burn scented oils
  • To remember loved ones
  • Outdoors with citronella oil to naturally repel insects
  • As alcohol burners for artists and sculptors